Portugal - A country in the far west of Europe but unique in its own. A culture friendly with food and wine at its centre. An Itinerary which will take you through the remote countryside of this beautiful land. We will experience the untouched Atlantic sea shore, the wine country Duoro River and small villages with lot of local flavor. Feel Portugal with us in September Wine Season!    more..


South America - Since 2010 we have had the pleasure to share the South American experience with our tourists. Staying in the Peruvian Amazon and Crossing The Andes Mountain range on a Lake circuit are just a few of our tour highlights that make traveling with us to the continent an experience to cherish.




  • Coastal Deluxe: June'15 Onwards Every Saturday. 
  • Discover Karnataka:Booking Open Feb'15 Onwards Every Saturday.

  • Hills of Karnataka:April & May  Bookings started.Dates Updated

  • Best Of Karnataka:2015 June to 2015 Sep.
  • Kerala Kannyakumari 3*- 4* Hotel's : Booking open
  • Best Of Himachal:Chandigarh To Chandigarh By Air PP Rs.36,500/-

  • Rest Of Himachal & Best Of Himachal : 2015 Cost  & Dates updated. 
 Summer of 2015
For us the summer begins with South America in the end of March and ends with Norway in Mid July. In between we have East Europe covering the countryside of Poland Croatia and Slovenia with the capitals in Germany, Hungary and Czech. Turkey always has our attention in May where the spring blooms and the beautiful North East is gushing with fresh mountain streams. Its been 5 years since we started to travel to Scandinavia and our love for Norway and its captivating natural beauty has inspired us to further better the itinerary of the tour and give 3 nights in the land of the mid night sun above the Arctic Circle in Norway. The tours are filling steadily. You will not see us using the word discount, but words like itinerary, natural beauty, countryside and personal attention are what we believe in.
South America 2015 
The continent is big and it is unique. We treat its uniqueness through our itinerary. Crossing the Andes from Argentina to Chile. Looking at the Nasca lines from 2000 ft above and staying in the Peruvian Amazon jungle are just a few highlights of our tour. The 2 Night stay at the Iguassu Falls lets you spend 2 complete days experiencing the falls from land and water.
We encourage a small group of 16 tourists only. The March 2015 departure is full and we thank all who have shown their trust in us and believed in our travel mentality to keep the countryside right in the centre.
  • East Europe : May, 2015 last few seats remain. June date to be announced soon.
  • South America: March 2015 Full!

  • Turkey :Summer, 2015 dates announced.

  • Srilanka : 02nd February 2015, Tour Full

  • Egypt19th February 2015 - Tour Full
  • Scandinavia, Mid Night Sun 2015 : More nights above the arctic circle.

  • East Turkey: Itinerary updated. Cost will come up soon
  • Portugal: Septemeber 2015 Wine Season.

  • Antarctica, A voyage of lifetime : 16th November,2015. Only one cabin left.
The Tour - Country, Equation

Most of the people who plan to join our international tours have already been to the regular destinations such as the U.S or Australia. They have experienced the 'city tours', and unless they see something unique and less touristy, all they would say when they get back home is, "we liked the tour but the country is just ok". We at Anubhav aim at not only arranging a smooth tour through the cities, but also getting you close to the real countryside. We believe that the soul of a country lies in its countryside. We invite all like minded people to this soulful experience, where the country comes first!  

East Turkey

When we first travelled to the North East of Turkey in our regular Turkey tour we were surprised and charmed by the amazing natural beauty of the region. Our thirst to explore more has made us come out with a brand new East Turkey experience packed with wild nature and full of culture where the locals greet you with open hearts.


The south of Chile and Argentina. A land so beautiful and rustic at the same time that you will fall in love with this region of the majestic Andes. We cruise through the Chillean fjords with Glaciers and exotic birds for our company and we cross over to Argentina passing the breathtaking scenery of the Torres Del Paine national park. Its the South America you have never imagined!